Planning Your Next Roof Repair or Replacement from Your Flint Roofing Contractor

Roof repair or roof replacement can be more costly than smaller home projects and usually require the involvement of a professional roofing contractor, so many homeowners put such projects on the back burner. In this post we will answer a few questions: Why replace your roof? Are certain times better than others to look into roof repair or replacement? Why hire Sherriff-Goslin, roofing contractor in Flint?

Why Replace Your Roof?

If your asphalt shingles are starting to show signs of wear or are severely discolored, appearance alone may be a reason to expedite a roofing project. After all, no one wants their home to become an eyesore and the roof is truly one of the most visible aspects of a home.

But often there are elements that don’t meet the eye and may even be more crucial than cosmetic repairs. A roof leak for example, may signal time to examine the overall condition of the shingles. It may indicate larger problems with the roof deck or perhaps damaged underlayment materials. While sometimes a simple leak can be resolved with a pail of roof sealer, any significant type of roof leak should prompt a call to a licensed contractor.

When is the Best Time for Roof Repair?

During the summer months the best roofing companies may be difficult to schedule. The winter may not be the best time for removal of worn roof deck material, but leaks and possible damage should be addressed as soon as possible. Prices may seem more competitive in early spring or fall when roofing contractors are less in demand.

If you’re preparing your home for sale, it’s important to have the outstanding appearance a new roof affords, but it also can be crucial to have plenty of guarantee life left in the shingles as an incentive for prospective buyers to be free of roof-related worries.

The bottom line whether you are selling your home or planning to live in it for years to come – if your home is at risk for any structural, weather or other damage issues related to your roof, don’t hesitate to begin the project immediately.

Who Should You Partner with for Roof Repair or Replacement?

Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractor in Flint has the experience in all aspects of a project from style and color selection of shingles to fire codes and extreme weather solutions make us so much more than just a contractor. We partner with our clients to design, purchase, and install. Request a free roof inspection from Sherriff-Goslin. A free roof inspection is a great, worry-free way to decide whether a roofing project needs to move up on your list!