Three Signs You Need to Hire a Flint Roofing Contractor

Your roof is an incredibly important part of your home and requires maintenance over time as wear and tear inevitably occurs. When it comes to roof repair or roof replacement, there are clear signs to look out for; however, there are some things that may not be quite as obvious. If you’re questioning whether it’s time to hire a Flint roofing contractor, read the post below for some insight.

Roof age

The average lifespan of a roof is twenty years. If your roof is nearing that age, it may be time to begin the shopping process for a new roof. Over time, no matter the quality of shingles and other materials, all roof materials will deteriorate. If you notice any splitting, peeling, blistering or cracking, this may be your roof telling you it is time to consider roof replacement. You should always hire a professional to perform a free roof inspection as homeowners should only inspect their roof from the attic or the ground.

Curling or missing shingles

There are multiple ways for roofs to show signs of curling caused by weathering. One way, clawing, is when the edges of the shingles remain flat while the middle begins to pop up. The other way, cupping, is when the edges of the shingles pop up and the middle remains flat. Missing shingles are more obvious and should be addressed as soon as they’re noticed.


Not all signs of a failing roof are on the exterior. You should also go up to your attic to check for any roof sagging, dark spots, or signs of water leaks. These may appear as soft or moist areas that frequently become present after a heavy rain. Also, check to see if there is any sunlight or outside light shining through your roof.

All of the items mentioned above are clear indicators that you should contact Sherriff-Goslin the premier Flint roofing contractor, serving Flint, Grand Blanc, Saginaw, Bay City, and surrounding areas.