Three Tips for Choosing the Right Flint Roofer

Each year, many homeowners seek services provided by roofing contractors. Some take the time to research and find a dependable, trustworthy Flint roofer, while others carelessly pick the roofer that offers the lowest price. Unfortunately, the careless decision can turn in to a long, drawn out process where the homeowner incurs unexpected expenses, missed deadlines, or both. In the worst cases, homeowners may choose an uninsured roofer and expose themselves to financial liability for injured workers. Homeowners can, however, avoid these problems and ensure that they get the best roof they can afford with these three tips.

Do Your Research

Spend some time educating yourself online about roofing types, roofing terminology, and available roofing products. In modern roofing, there are a myriad of new and traditional roofing products and systems available for residential use. Be sure you’re comfortable with the shingle’s warranty period, premium protection period, physical properties (such as impact, wind, and algae resistance) and most importantly be comfortable with the roofer.

Ensure that you are protected from liability in the unfortunate event that a roofer is injured on your property during the project. Reputable roofing companies are eager to provide you with the name of their insurance carrier and their agent. You can even personally verify that their policy is current by calling the carrier and requesting a copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

Create a List

Start by checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB lists only those contractors who meet their stringent criteria relating to the contractor’s business practices and history. If your contractor is listed here, you’re likely dealing with a reputable company. Next, search for customer reviews and testimonials. In addition, roofing contractors should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask them to fax or email documentation proving their good status. If they are unwilling to produce these documents, move on to the next contractor.

Request a Free Inspection & Quote

Once you’ve created your list of Flint roofers, schedule a time for each of them to come to your home and perform a thorough free roof inspection. Only a thorough inspection gives a roofer the information they need to provide an accurate estimate. While the contractor is inspecting you roof, don’t wait inside, observe them to see how diligent they are in finding and assessing problem areas in your roof, shingles, or underlying structure. Most companies offer free roof inspections and estimates. Be wary of those who charge for these services.